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                                                                                                                                                           In this calendar, we have selected some important festivals and fiestas. Some are local events and others are general for Catalunya. At the bottom of this page you will find some links to pages dedicated to local fiestas.

Date Event Place
6 January Reyes El Bruc
February Carnaval Sitges
23 April Sant Jordi El Bruc
8 May

Sant Miguel

El Bruc
May - Sep


6 June Fiesta del Timbaler El Bruc
13 June Corpus Cristi Sitges
17-19 June sonar Barcelona
June-July Grec Barcelona
23 June Sant Joan Barcelona
24 July Fiesta del Racō El Bruc
12-15 August Fiesta Mayor El Bruc
11 September La Diada - National Day of Catalunya El Bruc
23-26 September La Mercč - Fiesta Mayor in Barcelona Barcelona

Santa Lucia Christmas Market


Reyes - El Bruc 6 January
Procession of the Three Wise Men 


     Carnaval- Sitges February

Sant Jordi - El Bruc
Procession with El Bruc's giants from the church to the Town Hall.     Sardanas, the national dance of Catalonia, at the Town Hall. Ball the  following Saturday.
Saint George is the patron of Catalonia. Several stories have been attached to Saint George and the dragon, one version tal
ks about the village of Mont Blanc, in La Conca de Barberā, Tarragona. According to legend a bush of red roses blooms in the same place where the dragon has vanished.

Fiesta del Timbaler - El Bruc
A local fiesta with reconstruction of the battle againts the french army on the
    6 June, 1808. Market from 1808 with handicraft.

Corpus Christi Sitges 7 June

  Forum Barcelona 2004 May - September
Three main themes define the Forum: Cultural diversity, sustainable development and conditions for peace.
Dialogues, e
xhibitions, workshops, theater, dance, concerts, circus, opera, peace camp.  


The Barcelona Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Arts,


Grec - Barcelona
The Barcelona Summer Festival, known popularly as "Grec", plays a leading role in the cultural panorama of the city. Every summer, from the end of June until the end of July, the festival stages some of the best national and international works aimed at a wide audience. Theater, dance and musical performances are given at different venues around the city. In 2003, for example:
Youssou N'Dour - 2.7.03, Buena Vista Social Club with Ibrahim Ferrer - 9.7.03


Sant Joan - Barcelona 23.6
Summer solstice on the eve of Sant Joan (St. John), is a night of bonfires and fireworks in the squares and streets.

Fiesta del Racō-El Bruc
Local fiesta - dinner at tables in the main street, band, dancing until the morning.

Fiesta Mayor - El Bruc
Local fiesta in El Bruc with parades of giants, spectacular fire parade, competitions, dinners, disco, live music.

La Diada, National Day of Catalunya - El Bruc 11.9
Local fiesta in El Bruc with parades of giants, spectacular fire parade, competitions, dinners, disco, live music.

La Mercč                                                      Fiesta Mayor in Barcelona                            13.9-8.10-2004

The Santa Lucia Christmas Market
starts 2 weeks before christmas and is held in front of the cathedral.
As well as the trees, holly, mistletoe, tinsel and baubles, you can also buy a "caga tio" a 'pooing' log - a log with a painted on face and little red hat. Local parents wrap it in a blanket and hide sweets inside on christmas morning. The children sing a song basically ordering the log to 'excrete' sweets, while hitting it with a stick. The blanket is then removed to reveal the sweets the log has obediently emitted! On the same theme is the "caganer" ("the 'excreter' to put it politely). This little pottery figure is hidden in nativity scenes where he squats, pants down, and 'does his business'.

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